How much does a pool cost?

It all depends on the customer's budget, needs and wants. We have the ability to build an elegant pool with or without added "cosmetic" features depending on the person. Much like purchasing a car with standard features or the "deluxe" package, it still provides the same purpose and looks beautiful regardless!

Finance Your Backyard Dream— No Equity Required

What type of pool do you build?

We build steel reinforced pneumatically applied gunite to our pools and spas which consist of mixing sand and cement to water right before application to the pool. This process is done by forcing the products together through a hose and applying it to the walls and steps of the pool. This force packs the gunite into the steel to provide a resistant shell that maintains durability and strength that supersedes other applications on the market.

Do you have any "eco smart" features?

Yes, we use several different features. First, we use QuickFresh™ in-floor circulation systems on all our pools that maintains healthy, safe water with less need to use harsh chemicals. In heated pools, it disperses heated water from the floor to reduce energy costs. Second, we use the EcoSkim™ venturi-powered skimmer that provides 40% more efficiency over standard skimmers. Thirdly, we use the QuikPure3™ purification system which dramatically lowers the need for chlorine and bromine which is up to a 70% savings to the homeowner. These three features come standard in all our pools. Additionally, we have many other features that can be offered during the design stage.

How long will it take to build my pool?

Typically it takes between 6-8 weeks after excavation takes place depending on weather conditions or other unknown developments that may take place in Oklahoma.

What if I want to make changes after construction begins?

Depending on when the changes take place within the construction phase, and if it can be feasibly done, we will sit down with the customer and review what changes the customer would like to make. If the changes can be made, we will write up an addendum to the contract. Customer Satisfaction is always our first priority!

How do I learn to use my equipment?

We provide personal and manufacture instructions to our customers so it can be easy to operate their equipment as needed.

Will it be difficult to maintain my pool?

Along with the design of your pool, our company uses the latest equipment to make sure that maintenance is low for the customer, which makes maintaining your pool much easier and eco-friendly.

What if something goes wrong after hours and the office is closed?

We provide our customers with an emergency after-hours phone number to where we can be reached.

What type of service or warranties is covered?

Our manufactures that we use are the leading companies in the industry and they back up their products with warranties and service on their equipment. They have service reps that can be available on site if a problem should arise.
We provide all warranties in writing for the customer.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we are insured and bonded that exceeds the legal statutes of the state of Oklahoma, to ensure your peace of mind.

Can you help me make my pool into a total backyard retreat experience?

In addition to the pool itself, we can help with the design and construction of other features as well, creating your complete backyard retreat. This includes installation of pergolas, and construction of fireplaces/firepits, lagoons and outdoor kitchens.