The differences between salt water and chlorine pools

You want a pool, but you don’t know how to sanitize the water the most efficient way? You’re not alone. You’ve heard that salt water “is the best”. In order to help with the decision, here is a quick comparison of the two choices. Cost On the initial start up of the pool, chlorine is the cheaper option. A chlorinated pool only needs a simple erosion feeder at the equipment. Salt water pools use an

A clear, clean pool with fewer chemicals

If you have a pool, you probably want the option of diving in to clear, clean water whenever you feel like swimming. Many of us remember those times as children when we wanted to swim but couldn’t because the chemicals weren’t properly balanced in the pool. And perhaps we also remember those times when the chemicals weren’t quite right but we swam anyway, which resulted in red, irritated eyes. Luckily, there are better options now

Four commonly asked questions about custom pools

Dreaming about the summer months and the fun you could have with family and friends around your own pool? Thinking about grilling in your outdoor kitchen and hosting the kids’ baseball team for a party? If so, here are four commonly asked questions about custom pools you might be curious about: When is the best time to start a custom pool project? You can start a custom pool project at any time of the year,

Three steps to closing your pool for the winter

Summer has officially come to an end, which always makes us a little bit sad. After all, as a pool company, we love summer! We love working with our customers to create a backyard oasis where kids and adults can play. Whether it’s splashing around in a beautiful pool or entertaining guests in a stunning outdoor kitchen, we love the sights and sounds of summer. Alas, another great summer season has ended, which means it’s

4 signs it’s time to remodel your pool

Maybe it’s been a few years since you had your pool installed. Perhaps you’ve been less than happy with the look or function recently. How do you know if it’s time to remodel or not? Regardless of how well your pool was installed, there will come a time when it needs to be remodeled or upgraded. Here are four signs it may be time to remodel your pool. 1. Your tiles are falling off If

Choosing an interior finish for a custom pool

There are a lot of choices to be made when designing a custom pool, and the interior finish is one that has a big impact on what your pool looks like. A custom pool installation gives you far more options for interior finishes than the plain plaster or vinyl liners of the past. Interior finish material options The interior of your pool can be finished with an aggregate plaster using quartz, marble, larger colored quartz.

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