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When’s the best time to buy a pool?

You’ve been thinking on this decision for a while. But when is the best time to buy and install your new swimming pool? In reality, that answer will be different for each person. So instead, here are some tips on how to decide when the best time is for you personally to buy a pool.

How to store pool supplies

Congratulations on your brand new pool! It’s amazing to be able to walk out your door and hop into that cool, clear water. And the satisfaction you get from taking care of something like that is wonderful. But what are you going to do with all of these supplies?

Why do you put chlorine in swimming pools?

If you want to keep your pool clean and healthy, you have to put a few chemicals in it. But why is that necessary? What does chlorine actually do to your pool? Let’s take a look at both the positive effects and the potential negative effects of chlorine in your swimming pool.

Five ways to improve your backyard

Some people treat their backyard like an empty canvas ready to be painted, while others may need a little nudge figuring out what to put in their yard. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, Pristine Pools would be honored to help you make the best decisions about any of these five ways to improve your backyard.

The beginning of pool season

Your swimming pool has been closed for months, but now it’s time to prepare it for pool season. This process is called opening your pool, and it’s an exciting time of year for pool owners. But what exactly is involved in opening your pool?

How to choose the right pool builder

Purchasing a pool is a big decision and one that warrants some research to ensure you know who will be installing it and handling any maintenance needs. If you have decided to add a pool to your home, there are some important questions to ask as you search for the right builder.

The differences between salt water and chlorine pools

You want a pool, but you don’t know what to put in it. You’re not alone. Anyone who buys a pool has to deal with the decision between filling their pool with salt water or filling it with chlorine. In order to help with the decision, here is a quick comparison of the two choices.

A clear, clean pool with fewer chemicals

If you have a pool, you probably want the option of diving in to clear, clean water whenever you feel like swimming. Many of us remember those times as children when we wanted to swim but couldn’t because the chemicals weren’t properly balanced in the pool. And perhaps we also remember those times when the chemicals weren’t quite right but we swam anyway, which resulted in red, irritated eyes.

Four commonly asked questions about custom pools

Dreaming about the summer months and the fun you could have with family and friends around your own pool? Thinking about grilling in your outdoor kitchen and hosting the kids’ baseball team for a party?

Three steps to closing your pool for the winter

Summer has officially come to an end, which always makes us a little bit sad. After all, as a pool company, we love summer! We love working with our customers to create a backyard oasis where kids and adults can play. Whether it’s splashing around in a beautiful pool or entertaining guests in a stunning outdoor kitchen, we love the sights and sounds of summer.