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Exercising in your pool

Many people love their pool because it’s a great way to relax and have fun. But another benefit is that your pool can be used to improve your health. Water aerobics, lap swimming, and even weight lifting and cardio work in the pool are great ways to build strength, endurance, or practice physical therapy.

Should you ever empty and refill your pool?

It seems obvious that you have to fill the pool when you first have it installed. But why would you need to drain the water from your pool and refill it later? Believe it or not, it’s a necessary part of maintenance.

Swimming pool sizes

So you want a new pool but don’t know where to start. It can feel overwhelming! But if you work with a trusted professional, they should be able to guide you through the process. One of the questions you’ll need to consider early on is how big of a swimming pool you want or even need.

When to think about swimming pool renovations

It’s too bad that we have to close down pools in the winter. But the weather is just too cold! I have good news for planners, though. Winter is a great time to start thinking about making repairs and renovations to your swimming pool setup.

Questions to ask your pool builder

November is a great time of year to start planning for your pool in the next year. If the weather allows for it, you can start winterizing your swimming pool. Or if you are planning on purchasing a new pool, you can begin the process and start gathering information.

What pool supplies do I need?

If you are asking what pool supplies you need, you probably understand that owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility. Your pool is more than just a hole in the ground with water in it. And that means you are going to need access to a few specific supplies.