About Us

By now you have already made the decision to make your backyard dreams a reality! Now you want to make sure your investment will be backed up by a true professional to complete the task. We thank you for entrusting in us to design a pool for you and build it as well!

Pristine Pools is a family owned company that has over 20 years of pool construction experience- backed by years of continued education and training. Our continued and up-to-date education and training in advanced certified pool workshops keep us current so we are in the lead of the industry, ahead of most pool companies.

Pristine Pools takes great strides to make sure our customers receive the options to have the most advanced pool technology, equipment and innovative design out there. With this in mind, we choose the best quality products to use on our pools for our customers. And as you know, technology has advanced greatly in the past several years. We use equipment that is environmentally "friendly" and energy saving that is cost effective for our customers.

Pristine Pools is also proud to employ only the best people in our industry for each swimming pool construction phase and we oversee each step to make sure every detail is complete to our highest of standards.

The owners of Pristine Pools know that choosing to build an extension to your home is a decision that was thought hard and long on, so our mission is to make our customers comfortable and satisfied during each stage of construction.

We respect the homeowners' time, property, neighbors and everything in-between during swimming pool construction so we make every effort to make it an easy process during this exciting time in order to get things "back to normal" in your neighborhood!

Pristine Pools strongly believes in customer communication and satisfaction throughout the phases, from when we design a pool to when we are building a pool. Therefore, we value the opinions and feedback our customers bring back to the company.

All of these qualities and services is what we would expect from a company when we invest into something this important, so it is important for our company to do the same for your family, too!

Pristine Pools is excited to build your extended backyard retreat for years of fun with family and friends! So if you’re ready to begin building a pool, we’re ready to help.

“Let Us Build Your Families Memories!”