When to think about swimming pool renovations

 It’s too bad that we have to close down pools in the winter. But the weather is just too cold! I have good news for planners, though. Winter is a great time to start thinking about making repairs and renovations to your swimming pool setup.

Why is winter great? For one thing, nobody is using the pool. So if you think anything needs some resurfacing or repainting, you can put it on your to-do list for just before the summer season starts up again. You can also take this time to figure out if you want to add any features or landscaping on or around your swimming pool.

Getting ready for summer

What can you do to make sure your pool is ready when you want it to be? Talk to your pool builder sooner rather than later. Ask them what options you have available. It’s not out of the question to add a diving board or a slide, buy a hot tub, and in some cases add a water feature. But any way you look at making a change, you should start planning ahead before renovations cut into prime swimming time.

What changes can I make?

To avoid leaks, look into resurfacing. A cement or plaster pool can last without resurfacing for 3-7 years barring special circumstances. It is a process that can take several weeks, so the cool, dry months might be the better option to have this procedure performed. 

You could also look into replacing and repairing tile and other materials. Or maybe you want to expand your pool area by adding decking for seating area, walking space, and even extending the concrete in your yard to house planters, a kitchen area, or a fire pit.

Another change many pool owners are making is switching to more energy efficient equipment. That includes everything from lighting in and around the pool to cleaning equipment that works quicker and is more environmentally friendly.

All-in-all, a pool remodel takes some thoughtful budgeting and decision making. Don’t wait until it is too late into the year to start the process. Start whenever the idea hits you and act on it in a timely manner so you don’t lose any precious swim time in the hot sun.

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