Common misconceptions about salt water pools

Have a salt water pool? There are plenty of misconceptions out there about having and maintaining a salt water pool. Let’s take a look at four common myths, then examine whether you should consider a salt water pool or not.

Misconception 1: Just add salt

When considering a salt water pool, many people will think they just have to add salt to their pool throughout the year. However, salt is just one of the things pool owners are supposed to add.

Like with any other pool, the water needs to maintain a balanced pH and alkaline level. Salt systems also need extra help preventing calcium buildup. This requires adding more than just salt.

Misconception 2: It’s chlorine free

Salt water pools are not chlorine free. Chlorine is a result of the salt in the pool undergoing electrolysis. While chlorine free pools do exist, they use a different kind of salt called bromine or various name-brand products. These pools too require additional chemicals to prevent algae growth and keep the water clear and clean.

Misconception 3: Saltwater is better for my skin than chlorine water

While you can add sanitizers and water conditioners to your pool, it is still producing chlorine. The water can be safer and feel nicer, but it can also be just about the same as another pool. Generally though, salt pool owners believe the water is less irritating on skin.

Consider what the water does to pool equipment. Saltwater does have a corrosive effect on pool equipment that is left exposed to the water. This includes pumps, pipes, and any other metal in or around the pool.

Misconception 4: Low price, low maintenance

Yes, a saltwater generator reduces the need to sanitize your pool every single day. But a salt pool owner still needs to balance the chemical levels every week. Depending on how often the pool is used, there may need to be annual or bi-annual maintenance on the salt generator.

So while day-to-day care of a saltwater pool is less frustrating and cheaper, the overall cost starts to add up over the years due to higher frequency of large expenses and the initial purchase price. That means a saltwater pool can be cheaper than a traditional pool to operate, but not to own.

Why choose salt?

Salt is more consistent than regular chlorine treatment. A salt generator produces the same amount of chlorine on a continual basis while other chlorine pools cause much more headache and struggle to control. 

Perception plays a helpful role too. Salt is much more familiar to taste, touch, and feel, therefore people often trust salt more than chlorine. Comfortable pool owners make for much happier pool owners. 

Salt pools are not for everyone, but if you like the idea of less daily work and want to feel more comfortable in the water, feel free to start asking your pool builder questions. As with any pool purchase, ask what is required for installation, maintaining, and owning a salt system.

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