When’s the best time to buy a pool?

You’ve been thinking on this decision for a while. But when is the best time to buy and install your new swimming pool? In reality, that answer will be different for each person. So instead, here are some tips on how to decide when the best time is for you personally to buy a pool.

Time of year

Spring is generally accepted as the most popular—and therefore most expensive—time to buy a pool simply because so many people decide to purchase one right before the summer months. As a result, pool installers might not be able to fit you into their tight schedules as easily. The same tends to go for summer. Things do start to slow down a little once summer hits, but not as much as you might think.

If you’re more concerned with price and time spent on the project, look more toward a fall or winter installation. If lawn damage is a concern, early fall is also a good time to plant grass to cover up any areas that required digging up.

Of course, cold weather comes with its own setbacks as well. If any concrete is going to be laid, it needs to stay above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its integrity. That means the entire installation will take longer, and you may find the entire process more painful as well.

When you’re ready

Buying a pool is also a large financial undertaking. Are you even comfortable dropping that much money at this moment in time? It is important to make good decisions and not react too emotionally. First because you want to be able to finish the project in a timely manner. And second, you don’t want every interaction with your pool in the future to dredge up the negative feelings you have associated with the original installation.

At Pristine Pools, you can request a quote on our website and we will walk you through our design, prep, installation, and after-care process. That way you are not surprised by anything. We want you to be comfortable with whatever decision you make. 

If you have any questions about what we do and how we can help, feel free to contact us.

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