Why do you put chlorine in swimming pools?

If you want to keep your pool clean and healthy, you have to put a few chemicals in it. But why is that necessary? What does chlorine actually do to your pool? Let’s take a look at both the positive effects and the potential negative effects of chlorine in your swimming pool.

Chlorine keeps your pool’s water sanitized. It kills the bacteria and microorganisms that are always trying to colonize in swimming pools. Chlorine works by breaking down into different chemicals that make the various harmful bacterias and cells harmless.

A second benefit of chlorine in your pool is the prevention of algae growth. Algae loves to grow in cool, wet areas, so naturally a swimming pool is the perfect target. For example, you may see green slime growing around the edges of the water or near filters. This is probably algae that needs to be removed, and may indicate an insufficient chlorine level.

Finally, a third benefit of chlorine is oxidation. This oxidizing process takes place most efficiently between a water pH level of 7 and 8. Human tears have a pH of 7.4 so it is ideal to keep pool water around this pH to avoid any serious eye irritation and still keep the water clean.

As you might expect, too much chlorine can be an issue. Along with the eye irritation already mentioned comes itchiness. Some people experience dry, itchy skin after swimming in chlorine pools.

Too much chlorine can also cause chlorine gas to gather above your pool. Chlorine gas makes breathing difficult. 

How much chlorine should be added?

It is in your best interest to ask a pool professional about chlorine levels. There are also online guides that explain how much chlorine to add per gallon of water to raise the ppm level to 3 ppm. Levels may vary based on equipment. environment, or batter load.

If you have a chlorine question, feel free to contact us today! Want to learn about non-chlorine options? Pristine Pools is glad to help with that as well. Contact us at info@pristinepoolsok.com to learn more.

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