Five ways to improve your backyard

 Some people treat their backyard like an empty canvas ready to be painted, while others may need a little nudge figuring out what to put in their yard. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, Pristine Pools would be honored to help you make the best decisions about any of these five ways to improve your backyard.


A pool is a welcome addition to many homes, but figuring out what exactly you want and need can be difficult. Choosing the right area to place a swimming pool is both an aesthetic and technical choice, and it’s something we help a lot of customers with when designing their backyard. From big choices like where to put the pool to smaller details like finding the right stone color to match your home, we can help.


Fire pits

Would you like to enjoy sitting outside possibly all year long? How about serving up some fire-toasted treats on a warm summer evening? Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, and they can really add that finishing touch to a backyard.


A pergola may be the focal point your backyard needs. An open-sided structure with beautiful lattice work goes well with a garden or helps extend the style of your house or deck out into the whole yard. A little bit of extra shade outside doesn’t hurt either.


Stone paths generally serve at least one of two purposes. Either they protect vegetation from heavy foot traffic, or they add another visual aspect to your yard. Maybe you have other stonework on your property, either as part of the house or a garden, and you would like a gorgeous footpath to match. In-ground stonework can also help with slight erosion prevention.


An outdoor kitchen keeps the party all in one area. Not only is it convenient for hosting outdoor gatherings, but it also goes beyond that and makes the outside world feel like home. We can help you choose the best location for both looks and functionality.

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