A clear, clean pool with fewer chemicals

If you have a pool, you probably want the option of diving in to clear, clean water whenever you feel like swimming. Many of us remember those times as children when we wanted to swim but couldn’t because the chemicals weren’t properly balanced in the pool. And perhaps we also remember those times when the chemicals weren’t quite right but we swam anyway, which resulted in red, irritated eyes.

Luckily, there are better options now for pool sanitization that reduces the amount of chemicals required. One option is the combination of ozone-enriched air and ultraviolet light through the Clear 03 and UltraUV2 systems. Together, they kill 99.9% of micro-organisms for a clean, eco-friendly pool with 80% fewer harsh chemicals.

How it works

The Clear 03 system uses a specialized UV bulb to activate ozone molecules that work to break down non-living waste products in the pool. As the ozone-enriched air mixes with water, it continuously shocks your pool to keep it swim-ready at all times.

The UltraUV2 system uses a UV lamp to sanitize the water and inactivate a wide range of organisms that can invade your pool. It’s more effective than chlorine or salt-based chlorine generators, as the powerful UV lamp can even combat organisms that are resistant to traditional chlorine treatments.

Save time and money

Traditional chlorine treatments require a significant amount of time to check pool levels and adjust chemicals to ensure a safe swimming experience. While some chlorine is still needed, the combination of these systems dramatically reduces the amount required to keep your pool clean and sparkling. Reduced chlorine use and reduced time spent adding chemicals saves you time and money year after year.

Help the environment and your body

Clear 03 and UltraUV2 are eco-friendly and don’t produce any harmful by-products like traditional chlorine systems. That makes it kinder to the environment and your body. With these systems, you can reduce the potential for skin or eye irritation, discoloring of hair or swimsuits, and the risk of bacterial illnesses.

If you’re ready to enjoy a clean, clear pool with fewer chemicals, ask us about installing these powerful systems.

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