Choosing an interior finish for a custom pool

There are a lot of choices to be made when designing a custom pool, and the interior finish is one that has a big impact on what your pool looks like. A custom pool installation gives you far more options for interior finishes than the plain plaster or vinyl liners of the past.

Interior finish material options

The interior of your pool can be finished with an aggregate plaster using quartz, marble, larger colored quartz. The aggregate plaster finishes incorporate finely crushed quartz to create a durable yet beautiful interior surface for your pool.

Aggregate plaster finishes can be polished or exposed. In a polished aggregate, the final finish is polished to create a smooth surface and accent the luster of the stone. An exposed aggregate contains tiny pebbles or glass beads to expose the texture of the aggregate within.

For a more intricate pool finish, a variety of quartz can be used to create color contrast and visual interest in the interior finish.

What to consider when choosing an interior finish

There are three key considerations that come into play when choosing an interior finish: cost, color of water desired, and life span of the interior finish. With a wide range of interior finish options available, the cost can vary greatly. We work with each client up front to determine the features of their custom pool, including interior finish, and ensure it fits their budget.

Color is an extremely personal preference when it comes to pools. Some people want a vibrant blue reminiscent of tropical beaches while others want a much more subtle and natural look that can be achieved with a more neutral color of quartz.

Finally it’s important to consider the life span of your pool interior, as each of the finishes last for a different length of time. The life span can also be impacted by usage, exposure to sunlight, chemical balance, and routine maintenance. In general, most aggregate finishes will last close to ten years or more.

Ultimately, the choices you make for your interior finish will be impacted by your personal vision for your custom pool, how you plan to use the pool, and how long you expect to be in your current home.

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