Make a statement with a water feature

Whether you’re just beginning to think about the possibilities for a custom pool or you’re ready to make your backyard dreams a reality, you’ve probably thought a little bit about the water features in your pool.

Maybe you’ve been to a friend’s pool with a beautiful rock waterfall and love both the look and the sound of rushing water as you relax in the pool. Or maybe you’ve seen beautiful rock or tile walls with water flowing down into the pool on TV or when browsing online.

There are a multitude of ways to make a statement with water features in your custom pool, but it’s important to keep in mind that the water features need to be planned from the beginning. Water features require specialized plumbing and may require incorporating a wall or rocks into the pool design, which means it could be cost-prohibitive.

Let’s take a look at few types of water features for custom pools.

Sheer descent water features

A sheer descent water feature is one of the most popular features we add to pools. It creates an almost invisible waterfall from the side of the pool, and the flow can be adjusted to be anything from a silent sheet of water to a rushing mountain waterfall.

Rain water features

While sheer descent water features are the most common, there are also features such as sheer rain or rain arc that project water at a 45-degree angle into the pool. The multiple streams of water and the projection angle create a unique waterfall sight and sound.

Rock features with water

Another great way to add some flair to your pool is the use of real rock feature to create an actual waterfall feel. This approach uses a similar technology to the sheer descent but instead of water coming from the side of the pool wall or a flat wall surface, it’s built into a stack of natural rock formation.

Bubblers, deck jets, and other features

Anything beyond the actual pool is considered a water feature, which mean there are all kinds of water features available. This can include bubblers, deck jets, or anything else that makes a statement around the pool. Some deck jets can even be programmed with LED lights to create a spectacular visual effect at night.

Ready to start designing your custom pool? Contact us today to discuss water features and much more to transform your backyard into a tranquil escape.

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