High-quality equipment for a clean, sparkling pool

The type of equipment used in a pool can make a considerable difference in the overall upkeep. We use the Zodiac and Paramount family of brands to ensure a high-quality pool experience for our customers.

Let’s take a look at three key components of pool equipment and how it helps keep your pool clean and sparkling.

Jandy Pro Series pumps and filters

We use Jandy Pro Series equipment for the pumps, filters, heaters, valves, and lights we install in customer pools. We sometimes use Polaris pumps in older pools that aren’t build for a Jandy system but need to be upgraded from the original system.

With the Jandy systems, our customers also have the iAquaLink technology that allows them to control their pool anytime and anywhere from their smart phone or tablet. The system also allows us to access it remotely to review the lights, heaters, or other linked equipment. For customers who prefer a remote control, we have that option as well.

Paramount cleaning system

This cleaning system has pop-up heads in the bottom of the pool that replace the traditional pool vacuum. When used, it creates an efficient system to keep your pool 99 percent clean and sparkling.

The Zodiac system and the Paramount System pop-up heads help distribute the chlorine evenly around the pool so it’s not as concentrated around your skin, which can be harsh. The pop-up heads circulate the water and draw everything down into the drain heads, where it collects in a canister that’s simple to dump out and clean.

Jandy Pro Series gas heater

Not everyone needs or wants a pool heater, but it can extend the swimming season, especially in the sometimes unpredictable Oklahoma spring or fall months. For people who do want the comfort of a heated pool, we use the Jandy Pro Series Gas Heater. While it requires running a gas line to the pool, we include the price of the heater and the gas line in an upfront quote for customers who want that feature.

Other feature options

There are many other features as well, including the option of the Clear03 system that uses UV lights instead of chemicals to sanitize the pool, the Superflash 360 drain, and Aquron coatings to extend the life of your pool surface.

Have questions about whether this equipment would be right for your pool? Call us today to discuss your needs.

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